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Metaphysics is the science of being as being. It is the most abstract and difficult branch of philosophy, but also the most rewarding because it involves our ultimate interpretation of reality. In this course students will be introduced to the classical interpretation of reality along with alternative modern interpretations.


This course is designed to advance the students’ understanding of the theological problems surrounding the Person and place of Jesus Christ in theology. Students will be expected to engage in theological exploration of these problems surrounding the human and historical reality of Jesus of Nazareth in relation to the claims the Church makes surrounding his divinity, his place in salvation, and his significance for the final outcome of God’s act of creation.

Introduction to Practical Theology

In this introductory course, we want to orient ourselves to the world from the perspective of the Church. We want to humbly approach the work of whichever ministry we are involved in with the mind of the Church. We want to think, live, and act with the whole Body of Christ. To do this faithfully and efficaciously, we need to be formed not only in the preambles and tenets of the faith but also in the Church’s documents on the laity, evangelization, and the ministry of the word.

{Expanded Audio Course} Worst Ideas in Modern Philosophy

Expanded 9-part Audio Series on the Worst Ideas of Modern Philosophy

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