Signs and Reality

In this episode, we discuss the importance of signs in conveying the truth. Is our use of signs and words primarily about conveying truth or subjective (emotional) states in our learners? We discuss:
  • St. Augustine speaking about signs and words
  • Teachers mainly use words as signs to convey truths about whatever subject they are teaching
  • St. Thomas on the relationship between truth and reality
  • Some signs are better than others
  • Effective signs lead the mind to the truth about the reality trying to be conveyed
  • The language of the Catholic intellectual tradition is helpful and timeless in conveying the truth
  • We should not discard the formulas and expressions of the faith from the saints because they are old
  • The better signs we use, the better we evangelize and catechize
  • Christ is THE Teacher who gives internal illumination in order to understand the truth conveyed
  • Drawing on St. Thomas, signs that are “beautiful” have the characteristic of “splendor of form” which means that the internal structure or form is able to shine forth through the sign.
  • (The video Jason mentions having to do with liturgical music and the reality of the Mass is below)

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