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The Crisis of Philosophy: 1900-2000

The Crisis of Philosophy 1900-2000 - Movements and Major Thinkers
Twentieth century philosophy represents a profound crisis in the
history of reason and culture. This crisis is based on the advent of
subjectivism (the turn towards consciousness), egalitarian radicalism,
and scientism; culture has become at once completely subjective,
radicalized, and reductively-scientistic.


Philosophy of God

Philosophy of God (or natural theology) is the highest achievement of philosophy; it presupposes metaphysics and explores everything that may be known by reason about the first cause of being.



This course is intended to provide an overview of the Church’s teaching about herself in the context of scriptural and historical evidence.  We will consider the relationship between the organizational and social structure of the Church and structures already familiar to the first Christians from Scripture and Jewish tradition.


Modern Philosophy

Modern philosophy initiated a revolution in political, religious, and cultural ideas that still impacts our world today. In this course, students will be introduced to the major figures and ideas of this period with an emphasis on the foundational, motivating ideas of modern philosophy, namely, freedom and the primacy of human reason.


The Holy Trinity

This course builds on material presented in our earlier courses in the Fundamental Theology sequence and Christology, by delving more deeply into the mystery of the God of the Bible, who reveals himself as relational.



Epistemology is the philosophical study of truth, reason, and knowledge.


The Ten Commandments: A Scriptural, Theological, and Moral Study


Medieval Philosophy

Medieval philosophy centered on the synthesis of Catholic faith with ancient philosophy, the rise of university culture, and the widespread systematic exploration of philosophy.


{Expanded Audio Course} Worst Ideas in Modern Philosophy


Introduction to Philosophy

In this course, students will be introduced to the foundational ideas of perennial philosophy as well as its historical origins.